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School Uniform

We believe that our uniform is an integral part of the ethos at Cuffley and that it has an impact on our standards and the attitude of our children. All children are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times. Unless otherwise stated, the following policy applies equally to girls and boys.


Grey dresses, skirts and trousers; white polo shirts and school shirts; pink gingham summer dresses; maroon joggers (Nursery); maroon, grey or black joggers (P.E.) are all unbranded and may be purchased from any retailer.


Maroon sweatshirts, school jumpers and cardigans and white polo shirts with the Cuffley logo, should be purchased from one of our approved uniform suppliers:



Smith’s Schoolwear

25 Station Parade, Cockfosters Road, Cockfosters, EN4 0DW

223 Baker Street, Enfield, EN1 3LA 


Please ensure that all items of clothing worn or sent to school are clearly marked with your child’s name and class to prevent loss.


Jewellery must not be worn to school, except for plain silver or gold small stud earrings and a watch.


In line with Hertfordshire County Council guidelines, under no circumstances may jewellery be worn during P.E. lessons for health and safety reasons. Earrings should be removed prior to the lesson. Staff are not allowed to remove earrings on behalf of children. Earrings may not be taped.


Hair should be neat and tidy. Hair below shoulder level, or fringes longer than eyebrows, should be clipped/tied back. Hair gel should not be worn.   Hair accessories should be in the school colours (maroon, black or white).


Nail varnish and tattoos are not permitted.


Please click on the link below for the Cuffley School uniform.

School Uniform