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A foundation school

How will I know how my child is progressing?

As already mentioned there are reporting arrangements in place for all the children in our school. Teachers are expected to deliver good quality teaching in the classroom, with high aspirations for all. Differentiation within the class is used, before having to introduce additional support (see below). Additional support, over and above standard differentiation, may be given to address low attainment, lack of progress or confidence issues.


A baseline assessment will be taken before the intervention begins and the child’s progress monitored throughout. This may take the form of written/oral tests, confidence chart and formative assessment. Parents will be spoken to prior to the intervention starting and at the end of the programme. Parents of a child receiving 1:1 support may additionally have a daily home/school book and termly progress meetings with the class teacher, Learning Support Assistant (LSA) and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), where necessary. The child will also be given an opportunity to feedback on what has gone well and the challenges that still need to be overcome. This discussion will take the form of; a review of current provision (what is working/what is not working) and a plan for future support. This will also involve the parents giving their views and collating the child’s views, where appropriate.


The school uses internal tracking systems to manage the assessment of the children. The percentages of children performing below Age-Related Expectations are shared with the senior staff and Governors. This data is also used to discuss school progress with the Local Authority and OFSTED during inspection visits.