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A foundation school

How will the school prepare and support my child in joining the school, transferring to a different key stage or new school?

Any children with special educational needs (SEN) will be visited in their current setting, prior to starting at the school. If there are professionals already involved with the child a meeting will be arranged preferably at school with all involved. Parents are welcome to get in touch with the school and request additional visits or call in for a chat.


All children and parents are given the opportunity to go and visit the new classroom and meet members of staff. Some children are given a transition booklet, which contains photographs of them in their new surroundings and the new members of staff. They discuss this with their learning mentor and can take it home to look at over the holidays.


All year groups hold a transition meeting for parents within the first few weeks of the new term to outline expectations and the organisation within the year group. When transferring from a key stage children spend some time in their new surroundings and are given opportunities to explore the new outdoor area.


Before transferring to a new school or secondary school, parents of children with special educational needs are individually supported in order to make an informed choice.   The children also receive targeted transition support in the summer term before they move on.


Meetings are held with the receiving teachers where information can be shared with the new school and additional meetings with the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) from both schools can be arranged.